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Fireworks for the New Year! 8

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro's pick this week is his very own Fireworks GUI.

Regardless of what you are celebrating this time of the year, it seems like fireworks are a common event that many people enjoy on New Year's Day (or New Year's Eve). If you are unable to see any in person or are tired of seeing ones on the television, here's something for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own computer and MATLAB!

I made this using the MATLAB Classes (requires R2008a or newer), where each fireworks is an object. The fireworks object can have a number of input parameters, such as launch location, launch speed, fireworks type, and number of petals. I also created a number of presets that perform various combination fireworks. And finally, I created a GUI where you can interactively launch fireworks, enable demo mode, create movies (AVI or animated GIF), and turn on sounds. Yes, it has sounds.

Download it, maximize the window, turn off the lights, and enjoy!

Have a happy new year!!


Let me know what you think here.

Get the MATLAB code

Published with MATLAB® 7.11


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Brett replied on : 2 of 8

Well done, Jiro!
I was really kidding when I challenged you to expand your first attempt to include all those bells and whistles, but you really rose to the challenge. Very nice!
Happy New Year–everyone!

jiro replied on : 4 of 8


The code is available by clicking on the word “Fireworks” in the first sentence of this post. Once I upload it to the File Exchange, the link will point to that entry.

Bakkari replied on : 6 of 8

I want that you help me to teach who to create a good program with MatLab, pleaaaaaaaaaase.