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What is your favorite unrecognized File Exchange submission?


This week, instead of Picking one of my favorite files, I'm going to solicit your suggestions for Pickworthy files. Except on rare occasions, I tend to select submissions that are useful to my own workflows. But I recognize that many of you use MATLAB and Simulink differently than I do, and in different fields. So here's your chance to recognize something that you particularly like.

You make the call!

Respond to this post with suggestions for future Picks. What have you found most useful? Perhaps you've found some overlooked gems? Something you think would have broad appeal, if they only knew about it? And if Jiro or I end up selecting a file as a Pick of the Week based on your suggestion, we'll send you some cool MATLAB swag!

A couple ground rules.

  • Please don't steer to your own file. (We may have another round of this later, in which we allow contributors to nominate their own files, but for this round, let's focus on recognizing the work of our fellow MATLAB or Simulink fans.)
  • Please only suggest files that are covered under the BSD!
  • Submissions should be exemplary for some reason that you can point out. Is it just beautifully written? Have you found it exceptionally useful? Great use of visual elements? (Tell us what it was that led you to select a particular file. We may even quote you!)
  • Your nomination constitutes your acknowledgment that we may quote you, and your permission to do so.
  • Please don't suggest any files that have already been Picked. (All previous Picks of the Week are tagged on their entries with a POTW stamp.)
  • Remember: cool MATLAB swag to anyone who steers us to a file we use!
  • Please direct your correspondences to the comments section of this post.
  • Happy hunting!
  • Sorry, one more rule: we're only going to consider files that don't use undocumented functionality.

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