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Additional Hardware Support in R2013a

Posted by Jiro Doke,


Jiro's pick this week is a collection of new hardware support packages introduced in R2013a.

Some of you may know, especially if you've been reading some of the other blog posts, that we came out with our newest release of MATLAB R2013a last week. There are many new updates to various Toolboxes, so check out the Release Notes!

Since R2012a, we've been putting a lot of effort to make it easier for you to connect to different types of hardware, especially for use in academia. In R2012a, we added support for automatically running Simulink models on Lego® Mindstorm® NXT and BeagleBoard™. In R2012b, we extended the capability to Arduino® and PandaBoard™.

Now in R2013a, we have added support for Raspberry Pi and Gumstix Overo. In addition to these direct support within Simulink, the newest release contains support for Digilent Analog Discovery with Data Acquisition Toolbox, and support for Microsoft Kinect with Image Acquisition Toolbox.

You can start using these functionalities by downloading the installer files from the File Exchange, or, more conveniently, download directly from within MATLAB.




Have you used any of these hardware platforms with MATLAB and Simulink? Tell us about it here.

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