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Generate a Smile…Maybe 4

Posted by Brett Shoelson,

Brett's Pick this week is "Random Face Generator", by Joseph Hollmann.

I wrote today's post in advance. I fully expect that, when this goes live on Friday morning, I will be sitting on a tropical beach in the Dominican Republic, sipping umbrella drinks and contemplating the crystal clear cerulean water.

So, in the spirit of Spring Break and focusing on family fun, a bit of frivolity for today's Pick.

Joseph's submission doesn't really do anything of a practical nature, but it does make you smile. As he says in the preamble to his code, randomfacegenerator "generates a randomly created face and plots it....nothing else."

I have one suggestion for improvement. Calling the figure command in the function is probably unnecessary; you can easily end up with many open figures before you know it. I would suggest replacing the lines:

set(gcf,'name','Your New Face');

with a call to togglefig:

togglefig('Your New Face')

(That is, if a figure named "Your New Face" exists, activate and reuse it. Otherwise, create it.) No inputs required:

while ~strcmp(get(gcf,'currentcharacter'),'s')

Thanks for putting me in vacation mode a day early, Joseph!

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments. Or leave feedback for Joseph here.

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Joseph Hollmann replied on : 1 of 4

It took me a while to realize this was my submission. Thank you for the comments. I actually updated my code but never got around to updating the file exchange. I will do that now. I hope you have a great vacation.


bshoelso replied on : 4 of 4

Can you tell me more about how it’s failing? (I assume that you noticed that the word “togglefig” is a hyperlink, and that you installed the function and made sure it’s on your MATLAB path, yes?)