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GISMO Toolbox – Seismic Data Analysis in MATLAB

Today's guest pick of the week from Loren is GISMO. GISMO is one of the success stories for community developed tools. Currently spearheaded by Glenn Thompson and Celso Reyes, with previous involvement from Mike West, it is a toolbox widely used throughout the research community of seismologists.


Toolbox History

For an entertaining and enlightening history of the toolbox, I encourage you to read this post from Celso's blog. From this, you can see how the toolbox starts life as a collection of useful stuff from a small group, into a mature, well-thought out collection of tools meant for use by a broader audience. The github page has a summary of how the community developed which includes downloads, views, etc. Clearly GISMO has a broad reach!

GISMO Citations

From a quick search with Google Scholar, the 2011 paper appears to have been cited ~26 times. Some of the diverse subjects include:

  • Hydraulic fracturing & Wastewater Injection
  • Seismicity accompanying volcanic eruptive episodes
  • Rock fall dynamics and deposition
  • Calving seismicity from icebergs
  • Slow slip and tremor search
  • Correlation in analysis of micro-earthquake sequences
  • Separation of quarry blasts from aftershocks

Now that's a wide range of applications for analyzing seismic data!

You can check out the details for each reference to find out just how central GISMO was to any individual paper at Google Scholar.

How to Learn GISMO

Among many of the on-line resources available for GISMO users, you might want to check out the GISMO cookbook to get started. This post includes some interesting data analysis of events near Tohoku, similar to something I demonstrated earlier this year for the IRIS community. Compare the depth profile in this figure from my webinar with the corresponding plot from the cookbook.


Give it a try and let us know what you think here or leave a comment for Glenn and the GISMO Toolbox developers.

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