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Cartoonize an image using bilateral filtering

Avi's pick of the week is Bilateral Filtering by Douglas Lanman. Bilateral filtering is an edge-preserving smoothing filter that can be used for a wide variety of image processing tasks such as de-noising and tone mapping, another fun application of a bilateral filter is to "cartoonize" an image. In his submission Douglas provides a helper function that shows how a bilateral filter can be used to turn an image into a cartoon version of itself.


Connect to a webcam

Lets start by reading in an input image from a webcam using the webcam object in MATLAB. You can view the live stream using the preview function.
clear camera;
camera = webcam;

Read input image from webcam

You then use the snapshot function to grab an input frame from the webcam.
inputImage = snapshot(camera);
imshow(inputImage);title('Input Image');

POTW_Post_03Convert image into cartoon version of itself 

Now lets "cartoonize" the image with a bilateral filter. Notice how edges in the image are preserved by the bilateral filter.
cartoonImage = cartoon(im2double(inputImage));
title('Original Image');
title('Cartoon Image');


Other edge-preserving filters

If you are interested in using an edge-preserving filter I would recommend you try the new guided filter in the Image Processing Toolbox.
doc imguidedfilter
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