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Quickly create an interactive data viewer with tabbed figures 5

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro‘s pick this week is Tabbed Figure by Curtis.

Have you ever wanted to visualize a bunch of data so that you can quickly explore through them? Well, that sounds like a pretty standard thing to do in MATLAB. I can easily create plots, perhaps on separate figure windows, or subplots, or multiple lines on a graph. But if I need to organize them a bit more so that I can quickly switch between the graphs, I may need to create a nice user interface for it. But that would take some time. I have to think about the layout, work on the backend plumbing, and display the appropriate data at the appropriate location.

Curtis’s tfigure lets me create such an “app” without requiring much more effort than creating regular plots. Take a look at this video below. I just create my data … create the tabs … display my data … and voila! I have an interactive app for exploring my data.

The code is written using object-oriented programming in MATLAB, and Curtis includes nice documentation as well as a demo code.


Give it a try and let us know what you think here or leave a comment for Curtis.

Get the MATLAB code


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Jiro Doke replied on : 2 of 5


Thanks for bringing my attention to your entry. It looks great! I’ve put this in my bag of candidates for future picks.

Curtis replied on : 3 of 5

Thanks for highlighting my submission. I hope my fellow Matlab users find it useful.

Just a note about the gui features of tfigure. If you right click a tab or an item in the plot list, there is a context menu that allows the user to delete the selected plot or tab or to add a tab, plot, table, or a label to the plot list. There is also the option to export the contents of the selected item to a separate standard figure or export a picture to the clipboard to paste into another program. There is also an option in the export menu which uses exportToPPTX to save the whole tfigure to a set of power point slides. The width of the plot list can be adjusted by dragging the right edge of the list.