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Arduino Engineering Kit

Jiro‘s picks this week are Arduino Engineering Kit Hardware Support and Arduino Engineering Kit Project Files by MathWorks Maker Team.

When I was in middle school many, many years ago, I remember doing my science project on creating a Morse code device using batteries, light bulbs, wires, and aluminum foil. It was all fun and good, but when I see what types of projects are possible these days, I really wish I had them when I was little.

The Arduino Engineering Kit is an educational kit that comes with Arduino hardware and necessary parts to build 3 complete projects for learning various engineering concepts, such as controls, modeling, image processing, and robotics. It is the first product released as a result of the new partnership between Arduino and MathWorks. You can purchase the kit from the Arduino Store. Use your existing MATLAB license or the free 1-year license that comes with the kit, and install the two files from the File Exchange or from the Add-On Explorer. The kit comes with a set of tutorials and instructions on building these 3 interesting projects: self-balancing motorcycle, mobile rover, drawing robot.

When my kids are older, I definitely want to get them the kit, mostly so that I can play with it!


Give it a try and let us know what you think here.

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