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Greg’s pick this week is Matlab Data Download by Marcus Vollmer.

Perform a search of a website based on file extensions, and then download the files.

Download by File Type is Easy

Marcus makes it pretty easy to enter a URL, search criteria, and download the selected files.

He includes a progress bar with a cancel button, making it easy to see how many files have been downloaded, and halting the download operation.

Installation is easy via the MATLAB App Installer File (mlappinstall), adding the Matlab Data Download app to the Apps tab in MATLAB. You can manage the App from the MATLAB Add-on Manager.

Note: The example URL provided in the Matlab Data Download app is no longer valid. I had to use the following instead:

Uses WEBSAVE as the enabling function

The key function that enables the download of the files is the WEBSAVE function, which permits RESTful queries to download a file.

Does MATLAB Need a Download Manager?

Is this a type of feature you would like to see as a native App in MATLAB? Maybe connected to the Import Tool or the MATLAB Datastore

Let us know here.


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Matthew Sheskey replied on : 2 of 4
How about a task scheduler that can run while we are away from the computer? Something more comprehensive than the built-in Windows task scheduler.
Greg Wolff replied on : 3 of 4
@Matthew Sheskey I'm not sure I entirely follow what you are looking for. There is the BATCH function which can be used to offload MATLAB computation to a background process. Are you looking for something like, "while computer is idle, do something in the background"