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Face Mask Detection using Deep Learning

Jiro's Pick this week is COVID19 Face Mask Detection using Deep Learning by Wanbin Song.

Face masks had always been quite common where I'm from. During flu season, I would see many people wearing face masks in the city. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we see the use of face masks all around the world.

In this entry, my fellow MathWorker, Wanbin, uses deep learning to detect whether a mask is being worn. He has a number of live scripts to walk through the image labeling process, training process, and testing of the model. He includes a pre-trained network that was trained using images provided by his colleagues. If you would like to train your own model, you should supply your own training images.

He also includes a script for testing the model on a live video captured by a webcam. I gave it a try, and his pre-trained network seemed to work fine for me.

Pretty cool!


Give it a try and let us know what you think here or leave a comment for Wanbin.

Published with MATLAB® R2020a

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