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Widgets Toolbox – MATLAB App Building Components

Sean's pick this week is Widgets Toolbox by Robyn Jackey.


Instagram Live

This week I tried something new and picked the file live on Instagram a couple days ago. You can watch it here:


Starting in R2020b, the ability to build reusable components that show up in the graphics tree for a uifigure-based app was added. Then in R2021a, it's possible to add these to the app designer component gallery so others can add them interactively and set them.

Robyn's toolbox provides a bunch of common things you might want. My two favorite are the File Selector and the Password Field. File selection (for reading and/or writing) is something I do in almost every app I build.

You can get the toolbox either as a toolbox through the add-on manager in MATLAB or by cloning the repository or referencing the project on GitHub.

During the live video I showed how to build a simple app with a file selector that loads a table and then shows it in the app.

Here's the final view of it. I used the exportapp function, new in R2020b, to export it.


Give it a try and let us know what you think here or leave a comment for Robyn.

Published with MATLAB® R2021b

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