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Statistical visualization functions and “Open in MATLAB Online”

Today, I'd like to highlight a couple of things in this post.
  • Statistical visualization functions
  • "Open in MATLAB Online" button

Statistical Visualization

Povilas provides 3 statistical visualization functions, especially for visualizing distributions. They all come with a rich set of parameters for customizations.

Open in MATLAB Online

Have you ever wanted to quickly try out the File Exchange entries? Are you on a computer that doesn't have MATLAB installed? You can now open File Exchange entries directly in MATLAB Online! You don't need to download the file to try it out. You can run everything through your browser. Read about it here.
You can also share a URL that would open the File Exchange entry directly in MATLAB Online, by clicking on the "Share" button.


Give the visualization functions a try on MATLAB Online. Let us know what you think.
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