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結果: Model-Based Design

Revisited: How Many Blocks are in that Model? 5

A long time ago, Seth wrote a post showing how to count the number of blocks in a model, including referenced models. At that time, using the functions find_mdlrefs to find all the referenced models... 続きを読む >>

Another Good Reason to Use Simulink Projects 1

This week I discovered a super useful a feature of Simulink Projects.
Renaming a Library
If you are using Simulink Libraries to componentize your models, you very likely ran into the following... 続きを読む >>

Simulation Based Testing with Simulink Test Manager 5

Today, Ajay Puvvala is back to talk about testing.
In last week's post, we looked at how we could apply MATLAB Unit Testing Framework to Simulink context. We authored a scripted test... 続きを読む >>

Simulink and the MATLAB Unit Testing Framework 4

Today, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Ajay Puvvala to talk about testing.

Some time ago, Ajay passed by my desk and offered to blog about the tight integration between Simulink Test and MATLAB Unit Testing Framework, which got introduced in R2016b.

My answer was: Yes, of course... but before, we need to introduce what the MATLAB Unit Testing Framework is, and how it can be used in a Simulink context.

This is what Ajay will be describing today.

... 続きを読む >>

Simulating the Startup and Shutdown of your software 4

This week, we are finally diving into the Initialize Function, Reset Function and Terminate Function blocks.
As a starting point, I recommend looking at this video about Initialize and Terminate... 続きを読む >>

Using Simulink Functions to Simulate Hardware Services

This week, I want to introduce another feature that becomes useful when combined with the Initialize Function, Reset Function and Terminate Function blocks.
In R2014b, Simulink Functions got... 続きを読む >>

Export Function Models 5

I started writing this post with the goal of talking about the new Initialize Function, Reset Function and Terminate Function blocks, along with the closely related State Reader and State Writer... 続きを読む >>

In Libraries, Code or Model Reusability? That is the Question. 3

This week, Mariano Lizarraga Fernandez is back as guest blogger with a new interesting topic: Model Reusability versus Code Reusability.
Every now and then those of us who work in... 続きを読む >>

It’s Time for Real-Time! 4

Today, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Sarah Dagen, from MathWorks Consulting Services to talk about real-time simulation and testing.
Why Real-Time?
Working in MathWorks consulting services, one... 続きを読む >>

Three-Way Model Merge and Git 3

In R2016a, a new Three-Way Model Merge functionality got introduced. You can find a clear description of this feature in the following documentation pages:

Resolve Conflicts with Simulink Three-Way... 続きを読む >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 66