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Tips for Working with Simulink Libraries and Data Dictionaries 6

I came across an interesting feature recently for Simulink® libraries that could be helpful when working with buses and other types associated with them. The Problem Let's say we have a library... read more >>

Another Good Reason to Use Simulink Projects 1

This week I discovered a super useful a feature of Simulink Projects.
Renaming a Library
If you are using Simulink Libraries to componentize your models, you very likely ran into the following... read more >>

Upgrading Simulink Libraries with Forwarding Tables and Transformation Functions 4

If you create and maintain Simulink libraries used in many models, or by many people, I think you will like this R2012a new feature: Interactive Library Forwarding Tables for Updating Links. Note:... read more >>

Automatic Refresh of Links and Model Blocks 2

The first time I tried editing models componentized with library blocks and referenced models in R2012a, I noticed something was different... ... and I really like that change! What's new In... read more >>

Mixed-signal modeling with Simulink 18

If you’re a mixed-signal engineer, we have a Christmas present for you – a new library of mixed-signal blocks and demos available for free. My colleague Mike Woodward explains all. Designing... read more >>

New Stuff – Simulink R2009b 9

Last week the MathWorks released the R2009b family of
products.  There are many new capabilities in the latest release and with this
blog post, I want to highlight a some of the features in Simulink... read more >>

Pick of the week: Customizing Simulink 2

This week I am borrowing the Pick of the Week blog format pioneered by Scott and Doug and carried on by the three amigos: Bob, Brett and Jiro. Simulink Pick of the Week Seth’s pick this week... read more >>

New Release – Simulink R2009a 9

Continuing the semi-annual tradition, I am excited to announce the latest release of MATLAB and Simulink, R2009a.  Check out the Simulink release notes to get the full details of the release.  Here... read more >>

Advanced Masking Concepts 20

Masking does more than just put a professional interface on your algorithm.  Simulink blocksets provide elaborate graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to control the behavior of blocks.  The block... read more >>

How To Make Your Own Simulink Block 50

Today I want to introduce a fundamental Simulink concept: masking a block.  Masking provides you with a way to put an interface on an algorithm.  This can centralize the system parameters for... read more >>

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