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MATLAB 2008B is now ready for download 9

Posted by Doug Hull,

We are always working on new releases of MATLAB, and we have the second release of 2008 ready for you to download here.

You can read about the new features here. The most noticeable of the features is the function hints. Just start typing your favorite function and MATLAB will tell you the possible arguments.

MATLAB Function browser

Take a look and see how you like it!

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Steve Eddins replied on : 1 of 9
Hey, Doug, what happened to the picture of you in a suit?? I like the function name you picked to show off the new function browser. :-)
John replied on : 2 of 9
Doug, Is there an RSS feed for the blog entries. I can follow the comments using the RSS feed, but I don't see the orginal post...
dhull replied on : 3 of 9
John, Yes, there is an RSS feed. See the sidebar to subscribe, or some browsers show the RSS icon in the location bar of the browser to the right. Thanks for asking, and hope to see you subscribe. Thanks, Doug
Alberto replied on : 5 of 9
Hey Doug... I'm a starting user of Matlab and I'd like to install 2008b version but i can't get it... What do I have to do?