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Basics: Volume visualization: 6/9 Displays quiver3 and coneplot 6

Posted by Doug Hull,

This short video is the sixth of a series of nine that talks about volume visualization. Patrick gave this talk internally to help technical support engineers understand capabilities of MATLAB for volume visualization.

I like his slow, clear, methodical presentation with great visualizations. It is the first time I have deeply understood some of the volume visualization techniques we have.

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Alex Knight replied on : 1 of 6
Hi, these videos are great - but I find this one stops playing every time at 2:00. The others have all played just fine. (Windows XP/ Google Chrome). Alex
Nilotpal replied on : 3 of 6
Hi, great videos. I'm having a trouble getting the correct output for the code snippet as on 4:05. have implemented just the following code on editor as shown here:
[x, y, z]=meshgrid(-1.5:0.1:1.5);
[cx, cy, cz]=meshgrid([-1 0 1]);
coneplot(x, y, z, u, v, w, cx, cy, cz);
but i ended up getting just a 2D plot in black and white with -1.5 to 1.5 on both axes. nd the cones are plotted inside this 2D plot. Am i doing something wrong or missing something? do i have to add something to this code?
Daniel Armyr replied on : 4 of 6
@Nilotpal: You are correct. The code in this presentation seems to only hilight the most important functions. The person making the presentation has obviously spent significant time prettifying the plots but not published the code for that. To get a view similar to the one in the movie, type: >>view(3)
Daniel Armyr replied on : 5 of 6
OK, seriously guys.... When I run the code below, I get polka-striped pink cones. That was not expected.... [x, y, z]=meshgrid(-1.5:0.5:1.5); u=x+cos(4*x)+3; v=sin(4*x)-sin(2*y); w=-z; [cx, cy, cz]=meshgrid([-1 0 1]); c = sqrt(u.^2+v.^2); h = coneplot(x, y, z, u, v, w, cx, cy, cz, c); view(-150,20); set( h, 'EdgeColor', 'none' ); camlight('left');