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Highlighting solutions to Project Euler problems 001-005 3

Posted by Doug Hull,

I’ve been excited by the great response to the Project Euler problems that I’ve posted on Cody. This video takes a look at my favorite submission for each of the first five problems. Take a look at how other people have solved these problems, you might see some MATLAB techniques that are new to you.

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Alex replied on : 1 of 3
Hi Doug, Thanks for the ideas. I like how Problem 1 was solved, but I think it should be modified slightly as follows: function y = euler001(x) y = sum(union(3:3:x,5:5:x)) end Otherwise, I get y = 4+7+10... instead of y = 3+5+6+... I may have overlooked something, but thought I'd point this out just in case. Thanks!
Ahmed Abdullah replied on : 2 of 3
hi Alex, No the code for the first problem is okay union(1:3:10,1:5:10)= 1 4 6 7 10; and union(1:3:10,1:5:10)-1 = 0 3 5 6 9; so sum(union(1:3:10,1:5:10)-1)=0+3+5+6+9 =23