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Making a custom data tip

This is the final video in the cryptography series. In this we look at the final data that comes out of the random number generator. We are concerned to see that not every combination of random… read more >>

Release 2012B is live 6

Every six month we release a new version of MATLAB. This 2012B Release is kind of a big deal. There is a major change in the desktop that should increase the discoverability of features in MATLAB. … read more >>

Using and removing NaN in MATLAB plots

This is a quick technique that came out of the series we have been doing about the cryptography algorithm. If you have NaN (“Not A Number”) in your data, MATLAB will ignore them in a… read more >>

Choosing algorithm based on data size. 2

Today we will look further at the cypher algorithm, specifically the randomness of this algorithm. There are two different distributions to look at: distribution of single numbers (1,2,3,4) and the… read more >>

Curiosity Lands 2

All the geeks know that Curiosity has landed on Mars. I am not sure of the extent of the use of MATLAB/Simulink on this particular project, but I know that JPL is a “major user” of… read more >>

Naive vs Complex solutions

This video is more philosophical than about MATLAB syntax. When trying to understand the cycles that occur in the output of a pseudo random number generator, I first approached the problem in… read more >>

Cycle analysis of a pseudo random number generator with MATLAB

This video furthers our analysis of the solitaire cipher, which is really just a pseudo random number generator. In this video, we estimate the cycle time of our random number generator to determine… read more >>

Using the MATLAB profiler to speed your code

This next video shows how to think about the results from the profiler to speed up your MATLAB code. We do not spend much time on the actual optimization, but more on finding bottlenecks and… read more >>

Debugging in MATLAB 2

This video is about how to debug in MATLAB. This video shows an error that occurs only now and then when using random inputs. A technique for capturing the random inputs, using dBSTOP IF ERROR, the… read more >>

Cryptography in MATLAB: Code review 1

This video assumes you have watched this video that outlines a simple encryption algorithm. The video shows a quick code review of my algorithm. Warning: this video is part of a longer series, I… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 37