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Signoff 15

Posted by Doug Hull,

After 14 awesome years at MathWorks, I am changing careers. It has been great working and learning with all of you. If you are new to this blog, go back and watch my other videos, they are still as useful today as they always were. Keep watching here to see who… read more >>

Curiosity Lands 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

All the geeks know that Curiosity has landed on Mars. I am not sure of the extent of the use of MATLAB/Simulink on this particular project, but I know that JPL is a “major user” of MATLAB. I got to see the rover testing lab before the last… read more >>

Welcome to Sean from Answers 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

I wanted to take this week to point out what a great resource MATLAB Answers is and to also welcome one of the most prolific contributors on that site to his new role as an applications engineer here at MathWorks.   Welcome Sean. The concept behind MATLAB Answers is that the User… read more >>

My path to MATLAB

Posted by Doug Hull,

With September comes a new batch of students and new MATLAB users. Many of the bloggers here are talking about how they came to MATLAB and the academic path that got them here. Without a doubt, the most important skill set I learned in college and grad school was how… read more >>

Thank you for using MATLAB Answers

Posted by Doug Hull,

This is a quick post to point more people to MATLAB Answers and to acknowledge our most prolific answerers. When this project was in its infancy inside MathWorks, I was (not so secretly) hoping it would get made so that I could be the highest reputation user on the… read more >>

Why do I use the MATLAB language? 12

Posted by Doug Hull,

You and I are both here because we use MATLAB. I use MATLAB a lot, and odds are pretty good you do to. I went to some fancy-pants engineering schools, but I am pretty sure I am not an engineer. I speak “engineer” as a second language… read more >>