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Introduction to GUI building with GUIDE in MATLAB 10

Posted by Doug Hull,

As we approach video number three hundred on this blog, I thought it was time to remake the original video that got this all started. I still refer people to it on a weekly basis. This shows you how to make a simple GUI in MATLAB.

The basics of GUIDE are:

  • Lay out controls of the GUI
  • Wire up callbacks, the function that runs when you interact with the controls
  • Gather data from the controls

This series shows these basic skills. They allow you to make a wide array of GUIs very easily.

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Claudio Gelmi replied on : 1 of 10
Thanks Doug for the remake of a classic! I started using Guide after watching your original video back in 2005 :)
Stefanos replied on : 4 of 10
Thanks for this. This is one of the most helpful videos ever. I keep coming back to it :D
Tzuyu replied on : 6 of 10
Hi, I am fairly new to matlab. I am making 2D Rubik's Cube in matlab and a GUI for it. I am trying to figure out how I can make the push button work for my faces of Rubik's cube abbreviated to 'RLFBUD' each time I click on GUI. I tried using handle but wasn't able to make it work. Sorry if my question doesnt make sense at all. I am not a native speaker. Any help is highly appreciated. Many thanks % --- Executes on button press in pushbutton7. function pushbutton7_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) % hObject handle to pushbutton7 (see GCBO) % eventdata reserved - to be defined in a future version of MATLAB % handles structure with handles and user data (see GUIDATA) function RC = rotation2D(RC, rot) RC= get(handles.simple_gui, 'RC') set(handles.simple_gui, 'pushbutton7', 'RC' )
Tzuyu replied on : 8 of 10
HI Stuart, Yeah, I am still unable to make it work. Strange enough, I am not getting any error on Command Window. When I run my GUI, it asks me to input the number of rotations I want, the Cube Face rotation of my choice and whether I would like to carry on with further rotations once the former 2 rotation are carried out. But when I click on push button 7 on GUI itself, it does nothing. I believe I haven't connected the string for rotation with my push button 7 properly and that's the help I am looking for. To give you a little idea of what I am talking about, here is my function and string for random rotation of my 2dRubix's Cube. function RC = rotation2D( RC, rot ) RCtmp=RC; switch rot case 'r' RC(7,6)= RCtmp(4,6); RC(8,6)= RCtmp(5,6); RC(9,6)= RCtmp(6,6); RC(4,6)= RCtmp(1,6); RC(5,6)= RCtmp(2,6); RC(6,6)= RCtmp(3,6); RC(1,6)= RCtmp(6,10); RC(2,6)= RCtmp(5,10); RC(3,6)= RCtmp(4,10); RC(4,10)= RCtmp(9,6); RC(5,10)= RCtmp(8,6); RC(6,10)= RCtmp(7,6); RC(4,7)= RCtmp(4,9); RC(6,7)= RCtmp(4,7); RC(6,9)= RCtmp(6,7); RC(4,9)= RCtmp(6,9); RC(5,7)= RCtmp(4,8); RC(6,8)= RCtmp(5,7); RC(5,9)= RCtmp(6,8); RC(4,8)= RCtmp(5,9); THESE ARE NOT MY COMPLETE CODES. They are part of it. I have 6 Cases- 'RLUDFB' for my clockwise direction and 6 Cases- 'rludfb' for my anti clockwise direction. These cases are connected to the MAIN FUNCTION below and I have copy pasted the same MAIN FUNCTION IN THE OPENING FUNCTION OF GUI AND IT WORKS; however, push buttons doesn't work at all. - function main rc=startrc replot(rc) rc = makerandom(rc) rc = choosemove(rc) end As you can see in my previous post, these are what I have under my pushbutton 7 to make it work for my Case 'F' function RC = rotation2D(RC, rot) RC= get(handles.simple_gui, ‘RC’) set(handles.simple_gui, ‘pushbutton7’, ‘RC’ ) Sorry for the wall of text and if it's not clear enough. I tried my best to explain what my problems are and what I expect to get from my GUI. Any help is highly appreciated. Many thanks
Hi Tzuyu, With issues such as this (especially if nothing happens when you click UI component), you need to add a break-point at the start of the call back function for the UI component (pushbutton7_Callback) and step through your code to see what it is doing (or not in this case).