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GUI building in MATLAB 8

Posted by Doug Hull,

This post is a continuation of the last video where we built a simple GUI in MATLAB. This continues by showing how to run initiation code for a MATLAB GUI and explains what the handles structure is.

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John replied on : 1 of 8
Another useful video for learning Matlab! One thing that would be great though, seeing as you're making so many videos, would be to perhaps get a better microphone and reduce the gain, there is a lot of distortion in your voice recording which makes it harder to listen to. A pop filter or other covering for the microphone would also help a lot
vivekram replied on : 2 of 8
Hi Doug, I would like to know how i can move an object inside one plot to another plot within the same GUI which was created using GUIDE function. Thanks Vivekram
Evelyne replied on : 5 of 8
the movie stops running after a minute or so. Do you have the code? then I'll figure out myself
hui replied on : 7 of 8
the data from ecxel file could not be showed in axes1. I don't know why. Here is the script i did follow your viedo. Could you help me check where is the problem, please? handles.filename = uigetfile('*.xlsx') guidata(hObject,handles) setPopupmenuString(handles.popupmenu1,eventdata,handles); setPopupmenuString(handles.popupmenu2,eventdata,handles); set(handles.popupmenu1,'callback','@(hObject,eventdata)test(''updateAxes'',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject))'); set(handles.popupmenu2,'callback','@(hObject,eventdata)test(''updateAxes'',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject))'); function setPopupmenuString(hObject,eventdata,handles) filename=handles.filename; [numbers, colnames]=xlsread(filename); set(hObject,'string',colnames); function [x y] =readexcelcolumns(filename,xcolnumber,ycolnumber) a=xlsread(filename); x=a(:,xcolnumber); y=a(:,ycolnumber); function updateAxes(hObject,eventdata,handles) filename=handles.filename; ycolnumber=get(handles.popupmenu1,'value'); xcolnumber=get(handles.popupmenu2,'value'); [x y] =readexcelcolumns(filename,xcolnumber,ycolnumber); plot(x,y)

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