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Continuing a MATLAB Program That Has Crashed 4

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

It can be frustrating when a script that has been running for a long time, perhaps for many hours, fails just before it finishes. This video shows a couple of techniques to address this issue: saving to a MAT-File and using right-click evaluate in the editor. This assumes that you have enabled dbstop if error before starting.

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Eric replied on : 1 of 4
Now that the new Engine has enabled the creation of the Pause button, might I be able to hope for "Edit and Continue" support like you can do in Visual Studio for .NET/C++ ?!? That would be incredibly handy at times.
Brad Stiritz replied on : 2 of 4
Hi Stuart, thanks for the helpful video. I had forgotten about using save & load without args. For people just getting started with Matlab: it's worth re-emphasizing that the whole process Stuart describes is predicated on running the following command *before* running your own long process: >>dbstop if error