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saveValue Function for Tracking Metrics Over Time, Part 9: Fixing Errors in the Value Store 2

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

Sometimes when I record a variable with the saveValue function, it is a mistake, or it was a test, or it was some outlier that I do not want to keep forever. In this case, the simple method of loading, editing, and resaving the MAT-file fixes any issues.

This video uses the code-along style.

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Jack replied on : 1 of 2
Thanks. I'm confused by the size of 'valueStore.mat: Before changing the data it was about 1.7 MB, after 1.75 KB, but you only deleted two values. What happend? Jack (There is no full-screen possibilty with html video (without flash) on your page :-( )
Stuart McGarrity replied on : 2 of 2
Hi Jack, I'm no sure what is going on here. I tried to re-create but couldn't. I know that MAT files use compression by default and perhaps some type of data or how I was accessing the MAT-file caused it to not compress and have the size of a few MB. Now its runing at a few 100kBs. Yes, sorry we just realized that there is no full screen option with HTML video playback for this player. We hope to switch to new HTML 5 first player by the end of the year that will address this.