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Setting the Strings in a Table to a Constant 2

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

I have a table with many columns, some of which are stings. I want to set all the string values to a constant string.

Features covered in this code-along style video, which is less coherent than usual, include:

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Nicolas Schoonbroodt replied on : 1 of 2
There are often several ways to do something, and in this specific case, to replace "every string in the table with a known value", one other way could be to use indexing by variable type, using vartype.
% let's create a table T with some filler content
T = table("Some", "text", 1, 2, 3, "other", "text")

% First step: create a subscript looking for strings
S = vartype("string");

% Use it to change the values. 
% I'm using the '{' indexing to say that I'm interested by the content, not the container
T{:,S} = "dummy"