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Controlling Warning Messages and State 31

There are occasional posts on the MATLAB newsgroup, such as this one, where people ask how to control when they see various warnings. One reason people might want this is to control... read more >>

My Working MATLAB Desktop Layout 6

A customer asked me recently to show him my preferred MATLAB desktop arrangement so I thought I would show and discuss my current set up. Contents ... read more >>

Code Generation from Import Wizard 4

Some colleagues and I were talking to some customers recently at a seminar and asked them what some of their favorite new features are. One of the top ones is being able to generate... read more >>

Evolution of the Function isfield 10

Today I want to talk a bit about the function isfield and some of the history of its implementation. isfield has been built into MATLAB for a few releases now. We felt it was important... read more >>

Working with Low Level File I/O and Encodings 44

I'm pleased to introduce Vadim Teverovsky, our guest blogger this week, who gives us his take on MATLAB low level file I/O and how it works with encodings. ... read more >>

Constants 10

Users have occasionally asked how to create and use constants in MATLAB. Here's one such example. In some cases, they would like to create a constant that other users or programs can't... read more >>

M-Lint Settings in R2006b 5

I love the new possibilities for customizing M-Lint messages I see in the new R2006b release based on my active settings. Contents ... read more >>

Commenting Code 15

My thesis advisor wanted to cheerfully annihilate me one day many years ago when he was working with a program I wrote. I had a huge set of comments describing the... read more >>

A Glimpse into Floating-Point Accuracy 31

There are frequent posts on the MATLAB newsgroup as well as lots of questions posed to Technical Support about the floating point accuracy of MATLAB. Many people think they ... read more >>

Handle This! 11

I recently got a great request from a reader to discuss the various kinds of entities in MATLAB attached to the word handle. I want to talk about the parallels and differences of three... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 53