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How to Chart My Year (Redux)

Earlier this year, I blogged about charting my year of travels. Well, my year didn't go the way I expected it to go. The same for (almost?) everyone else.... read more >>

Stressed When Searching for Strings?

Do you get clammy hands when you have to search for a string pattern, not just a particular string? Does the thought of struggling with regexp make you sweat?... read more >>

Find Inspiration from Outside Your Zone

I don't know if you usually read MathWorks magazine, MathWorks News & Notes; I do. I find it inspiring, am amazed with our customers' creativity, grateful for the solutions of real-world problems, and more. For example, in addition to finding an article on using computer vision to "remove the water" from underwater images fascinating, it makes me wish I could go snorkeling somewhere soon!... read more >>

Astrophotography with MATLAB: Imaging the Orion Nebula 23

Today I'd like to welcome two guest bloggers. David Garrison is a MATLAB Product Manager here at MathWorks. Andrei Ursache is a member of the Advanced Support Group with expertise in image acquisition and instrument control. This is the first in an occasional series of blog posts describing how they are doing astrophotography with MATLAB.... read more >>

Fill Image NaN Values with Local Average 2

Recently we had a customer ask how to fill in NaN values in an image with a neighborhood local mean. My friend, colleague, and occasional blogger, Brett Shoelson, joins me today to show you several viable techniques.... read more >>

Automatic Differentiation in Optimization Toolbox™ 11

This column is written by Alan Weiss, the writer for Optimization Toolbox documentation. Take it away, Alan.... read more >>

Excess Mortality Analysis for the USA 4

Today's guest blogger is Jos Martin, from the Parallel Computing team at MathWorks. Whilst normally focussing on making parallel computing both easy and fast in MATLAB, occasionally he likes to use MATLAB to explore other problem spaces. Here, he writes about using some CDC provided datasets in MATLAB to analyse and visualize excess death statistics across the US.... read more >>

Tips for Moving your Lab-based Classes Online

Today's guest blogger, Div Tiwari, is a Customer Success Engineer at MathWorks. Div partners with universities to support faculty in achieving their goals for teaching and research. In this post, he discusses some approaches that educators have been adopting to teach lab-based courses remotely.... read more >>

Remove Unneeded feval Calls 2

Recently I read a post about speeding up functions on Yair's blog. I'll take this opportunity, using Release 2020a, to use the updated profiler to investigate performance, particularly for the function feval.... read more >>

The Value of Value Semantics 4

I am pleased to welcome back Dave Foti to examine some of the ways value semantics work in MATLAB objects and how data copies can be minimized.... read more >>

Posts 21 - 30 of 539

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