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MATLAB on an embedded processor

MATLAB is a great language, and our users always want to take it to the next level. In the latest release of MATLAB and Simulink we added the ability to write MATLAB code that can be placed on an embedded processor. People have had the ability to put Simulink diagrams on a processor for quite some time. We added this new capability because some algorithms are better stated in the textual language of MATLAB instead of the graphical language of Simulink. Colin describes the technology he is using like this: "Unlike the MATLAB Compiler (which is for desktop deployment of the full MATLAB language), Embedded MATLAB Function block integrates with Real-Time Workshop 6 to generate C code from a subset of the MATLAB language that can be deployed on any embedded processor that supports an ANSI C compiler." Note: this demo requires MATLAB, Simulink and Real Time Workshop to function.
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