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Simultaneous pan and zoom

R14 introduced a really useful panning function to MATLAB, but it works independently of zoom (i.e., you can either pan OR zoom). Sometimes, though, you really want to do both together: pan-zoom-pan again-zoom some more-pan again-zoom out, ... Brett Shoelson's Zoom to Cursor provides an efficient, light-weight interface for combined zooming and panning. I believe he wrote it for images, but I found that it works great for data, too. As a simple example, try something like this: load handel plot(y) zoom2cursor Be sure to check out Brett's other tools - he's got a lot of popular files because he writes useful functions that make MATLAB easier to use. Some of you might be wondering what happened to Doug. That's a good question - I think I might have lost him in Dayton. Or was it DC, or maybe Detroit? Anyway, Doug has been out and about a lot lately. Hopefully, he'll stop slacking off and will give you all some great new picks soon!
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