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Posted by Robert Bemis,

Bob's pick this week is anymate by Jerker Wagberg.

My first File Exchange submission to feature an animated GIF was 6 years ago (ie, lidar example). My goal was to give a quick taste of the workflow progression of this considerable data analysis problem from beginning to end.

Over the years I've used animated GIFs to show dynamic content. A few months ago a customer inquiry made me realize others could benefit from a recipe. So I posted Animated GIF.

Last week I noticed it was quite popular and getting good reviews. Sure, that feels good. Moreover, when I followed the animation tag search I discovered dozens of other submissions including anymate by Jerker.

Jerker made his submission months before mine, and there is a lot to love about it. Aside from a clever name consider the ratings for this submission. A perfect 5.0 score (as of this post) is one thing when only one person provides feedback. But unanimous praise from 7 different reviewers, including such File Exchange heavyweights as John and our own Jiro, well that makes for a pretty solid endorsement. Then there is his Published M File which is excellent (including how to pronounce his name in Swedish). Unlike my lightweight recipe, anymate is a serious tool with lots of capabilities and useful features that go way beyond simply capturing an animation for playback. But I don't want to steal all his thunder. Check it out for yourself.


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