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Searching Around File Exchange 2.0

Did you know that we actually have a few File Exchange submissions that highlight the new File Exchange? That's right, one of our usability specialists, Matthew, has created 3 walkthrough videos on "How to submit a file", "Searching for a file", and "Searching for an author". They are each about 2 to 3 minutes long (~8 minutes total).

As you can see from the videos, we've revamped the searching capability. Whether you're searching for particular topics, casually browsing through files, or looking for files written by your favorite author, the new File Exchange will help you find what you want.

You probably have noticed that it now uses a "tag" system.

Tags can be added to the submissions, and you can quickly search by tags. There's also a "tag cloud" which shows you the relative popularity of topics. You can click on any of the terms and do a quick search on that tag.

But you're not limited to just searching through tags. You can search by other keywords, including author name, organization, rating, products, etc. Let's see how many MathWorkers have submitted files:

You'll see several familiar names, including Bob, Brett, and myself. There's Doug way up there at #1 (as of the date of this post), and the other original Pick of the Week blogger, Scott Hirsch.

Just for kicks, I checked out my undergraduate and graduate schools.

Georgia Tech (9 authors)
University of Michigan (4 authors)

Note that these numbers are snapshots as of the date of this post.

Is your organization well-represented? Get your friends/colleagues to submit files and start building your community on the File Exchange.


Let us know what you think of the new search capability. Is it helping you find the files you want? Tell us how we can improve. We'll take back the feedback to the developers of the site.

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