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Today marks the official deadline for entries to the Two Amigos challenge. Next week, Brett promises to unveil his own solution to the problem. To date, unfortunately, not a single reader has submitted code. Brett will be insufferable if he is the only one who rises to the challenge. Anyone care to take a stab—to save us from Brett’s ego? Even a reasonable effort is likely to garner a prize! Signed, Brett’s colleagues.

This Week's Pick

Jiro's pick this week is Notifier by Benjamin Kraus.

You may have read the blog post "My First Use of sendmail" on Loren on Art of MATLAB and learned about sending emails directly from MATLAB. Benjamin's notifier is a great practical tool that incorporates this capability.

Have you ever needed to run a long simulation overnight, and you wanted some status update on how the simulation went? With notifier, it would send you an email when the simulation completed. But what I liked about it even more was that it would notify you if an error occurred. It would send an email with the error message ID and the error message. There were a number of times back in graduate school when I wanted to know about simulation failures so that I could go back and fix/rerun the code.

The utility is very well-documented, with a solid use of exception handling. Thanks for a nice entry, Benjamin!


Give it a try and let us know what you think here or leave a comment for Benjamin.

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