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The New and Improved File Exchange

Today, I'd like to highlight the new File Exchange interface that was introduced this week. As I was writing this, I remembered that I wrote a post on File Exchange 2.0 when it came out back in 2008. We had introduced a new searching mechanism that was centered around tags. The new version provides a more flexible, faceted search functionality, that can be refined by category, product, time frame, and content type (e.g. Functions, Classes, Simulink Models, etc). I really like how I can quickly find GUI applications created using MATLAB classes.

The other feature that I like is the ability to preview individual MATLAB programs directly in the browser before downloading the entry. I missed this capability from the old File Exchange a while back, and now I can see the code and even copy/paste them from the browser to my MATLAB. Note: for Simulink models, you can include a screenshot of the model with the entry to have it display in the preview section.

Read more about the new features here.


Give it a try and let us know what you think here about the new interface.

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