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Brett's Pick this week is CPU Info by Ben Tordoff.

Today's is a quick-Pick, to go with our holiday greetings.

Occasionally, you might want to know some hard-to-find information about your computer. You could spend some time digging around in your documentation, or you could simply download and run Ben's CPU Info file. More important than just the information that Ben has elected to write out is that you can readily modify his code to extract all kinds of additional information. Unmodified, his function returns information like this:

myComputerInfo = cpuinfo
myComputerInfo = 
             Name: [1x40 char]
            Clock: '2701 MHz'
            Cache: '256 KB'
    NumProcessors: 2
           OSType: 'Windows'
        OSVersion: [1x30 char]
ans =
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70GHz

It doesn't get easier than that!

Thanks, Ben, and Happy Holidays, everyone! Looking forward to a great 2012!

As always, comments to this blog post are welcome. Or leave a comment for Ben here.

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