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Jenny Bosten’s Art in the MATLAB Mini Hack

Sean's pick this week is the collection of artistic images submitted by Jenny Bosten in the ongoing MATLAB Mini Hack.
The mini hack is one of a few contests running to celebrate 20 years of MATLAB Central. It allows to code golf your way to generating any figure with fewer than 280 executable characters.
The submissions are really impressive; you can do a lot in MATLAB with just a tweet! I've enjoyed looking at the code and have learned about a few new functions and examples that are used with randg being the one I'm most ashamed of not already knowing...
It would be no surprise to anyone who knows me in real life that my current favorite is Jenny's Through the snow with a runner up to Mountain river tubing.
tiledlayout(1, 2, TileSpacing="none", Padding="tight")
I guess, in the spirit of code golf for this contest, I should minimize that with:
tiledlayout(1, 2, TileS="non", Pad="t")
b = ""
s=@(x)imshow(imread(compose(b, x)),Pa=nexttile)
s = function_handle with value:
Go vote on your favorite submissions and submit or "remix" your own. But hurry before the October 31st deadline!
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