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Meteomatics Weather API Connector

Will's pick this week is Meteomatics Weather API Connector by Martin Fengler.

Martin is the CEO of Meteomatics, a provider of on-demand weather data. A key component of any technical computing workflow is access to data, and MATLAB has been designed to support data retrieval from as many sources as possible. Martin has leveraged some of this infrastructure along with Meteomatics' API to quickly pull weather data into MATLAB. And once in MATLAB, the data can be analyzed and visualized to your heart's content.

The File Exchange contribution provides functions and examples of collecting weather data. There's a Live Editor script that demonstrates usage of three query functions for time series, grid, and satellite image data. I mostly played with the time series data example, which I used to compare temperature forecasts between my current and former cities of residence. California isn't quite as cold at the moment.

Temperature and dew point are but two of hundreds of variables you can access. There's information about tide amplitudes, wind power potential, and sulfur dioxide concentration to name but a few. Here's a prediction of light provided by the moon over the next two weeks here in Maryland. Cloud cover is taken into account!

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