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Jiro's Pick this week is BoxPlotPro by Carlos Borau.
I'm a big fan of apps, since using apps simplifies tasks for common use cases and increases efficiency. As you may know, many MATLAB products come with Apps and Live Editor Tasks to help automate common tasks. While Apps are self-contained applications that launch windows of their own, Live Editor Tasks exist within live scripts and can be used within a larger workflow.
BoxPlotPro by Carlos is an app to assist in creating boxplots. It lets you bring in table data from files, pick out data to plot, customize variety of options, compute some statistics, and more! You can "export" the plot as a separate figure window for further customization. Here's the app in action.
This is quite a comprehensive app. As there are always room for improvement in anything in life, I have a couple of enhancement requests.
  1. You have to click "PLOT" to have the plot options reflected. It would be nice if the graph updated immediately after an option is changed.
  2. In addition to creating a separate figure window, it would be nice to have an option to generate MATLAB code that would recreate the visualization. This way, one can embed the code into a larger program.
Thank you, Carlos, for making it easy for people to create custom box plots!


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