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Tracking the mouse pointer 3

In MATLAB, with tooltips, you can know what the value of a line is at a given point:

But if you want to know the value of an arbitrary point in a figure, you will want gtrack:

This is a nice…

Adaptive date ticks 1

I never even knew I needed this function until I saw it. This function basically makes your date ticks scale to the appropriate time scale, be it years, quarters or months. Very nice for that… read more >>

Zero crossings on arbitrary signals 1

I have been working a lot with the technical support team here at the MathWorks. When the front line tech support people are stumped by technical questions, I try to give them a hand. Sometimes… read more >>

Sharing screenshots with Flickr 2

Go look to the file exchange and you will see some really incredible things people are doing with MATLAB. Posting code to the File Exchange is a good way to share, but we are always looking for… read more >>

Optimization tips and tricks 9

We spend a lot of time here at The MathWorks trying to figure out how to make it easier for people to get their mathematical “heavy lifting” done easier. Often times, that means finding… read more >>

Scalable Vector Graphics 5

In my new role at the MathWorks I am the third tier of technical support for MATLAB related questions. From here I get to see a lot of questions that people ask on a day to day basis. One that came… read more >>

Clocks in MATLAB 1

NoteThe file submission referenced in this post is no longer available on File Exchange.
I recently changed jobs and offices within the MathWorks and am now sitting within the Engineering Devlopment… read more >>

Mars Lander movie

Even though this awesome animation is listed in my section of the File Exchange, I only posted it. Ben from Nasa gets his proper credits at the end of the movie. The screenshots show you some of… read more >>

Match rows

A couple of things came together this week to get MatchRow to be Pick Of The Week. Recently I was asked to do some usability testing on MATLAB Central. This basically meant our Human Machine… read more >>

New MATLAB Contest

There is a new MATLAB contest running right now. I am anxious to see what kind of solutions people come up with for the Peg Solitaire contest. Basically it is the peg solitaire game that many of us… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 159