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Linking to a Dynamic Library from MATLAB Coder for a Windows Computer Vision Application

In a previous post, I demonstrated the basics of generating C/C++ code from a MATLAB function and how to use that code to create a dynamic library (DLL) that could be used in an external... 続きを読む >>

Leveraging Model Comparison to find what you need

Today I want to share an example of how I sometimes use Model Comparison to answer questions about Simulink blocks or models. While this is obviously a key part of the workflow to merge branches in a... 続きを読む >>

Leveraging Generated Code from MATLAB in a C++ Application

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Erin McGarrity. The main reason why I am excited to welcome Erin as guest blogger is that he will be talking about generating C/C++ code from MATLAB code and... 続きを読む >>

Finding what you need in the Simulink Toolstrip

Throughout the years, there have been features introduced in Simulink that initially looked like minor "nice to have", but turned out to be major game changers. In the last few releases of Simulink,... 続きを読む >>

Function Handles and Post-Simulation Functions 6

Until recently, I always had trouble when dealing with MATLAB function handles. I cannot really explain why, there was just something I could not wrap my head around.To help a user, I finally took... 続きを読む >>

Parallel Simulations: Your options to configure data when using parsim and batchsim 2

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Reid Spence. Reid helps Simulink users running simulations in parallel using functions like parsim or batchsim. In this post, he shares best practices to... 続きを読む >>

Tips and Tricks when Dealing with Callbacks in Simulink 2

As you probably know, it is possible to define many types of callbacks in a Simulink model. Callbacks can be very useful to automatically execute MATLAB code in certain situations, for example when a... 続きを読む >>

Creating a Match Filter for Simulink.findBlocks

Some time ago, I published a post encouraging you to use Simulink.findBlocks instead of find_system. This week, I will take this a little bit further and show how to create a custom match filter to... 続きを読む >>

Parameter Values in Blocks Dialogs 3

MATLAB R2022b was released a few weeks ago, so it's time to highlight a few new Simulink features. In this post, I decided to focus on one feature that might pass a little bit under the radar, but... 続きを読む >>

Unifying MATLAB and Simulink: A User Story Part 5 7

This week, I am introducing a set of two examples implemented using the workflow described in this blog post series. Unifying MATLAB and Simulink: A User Story Part 1: Parameterizing a model with... 続きを読む >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 423

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