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MATLAB Basics: Getting started from Excel 9

Posted by Doug Hull,

This is one of a series of videos covering MATLAB basics. It is meant for the new MATLAB user. This video covers how to use the import wizard to bring in files, and then use the plot tools to customize a graphic. Finally, the “save as” feature is used to get a .jpg
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Elizabeth replied on : 2 of 9
Hi, This is helpful, but I have a question along the same lines. Is there any way to import data off a website when the webpages type is text/plain? There is a top line with writing, then approximately 18 more lines of space delimited numerical text before another line of writing occurs. Is there any way to make MATLAB go in and read out the data from a website or do you have to save the data into an actual text file first? Let me know if you can help! Thanks
Doug replied on : 3 of 9
Elizabeth, You might be interested in the command URLREAD. >>a = urlread('') This will get you the source of the page, and then you can parse it as you wish. Can you point me to the specific page you are looking to read in? I would like to make an example of it. Doug
He replied on : 4 of 9
Hi Doug HOw are you Can you help me on how to write data to excel from matlab structure table and/or cell array for example I have 1)11X4 cell array 2)structure table of students with a fields of name,sex,age,scores, my e-mail address Thank u so much
Nancy replied on : 5 of 9
The procedure is well described, but does not allow obtain data from the second sheet, which is required to obtain as vectors columns of the first and second sheet
Roger replied on : 6 of 9
Hi Doug, I am a new user of Matlab. The 1st column in my excel file is time with HH:MM:SS format, and the other columns are other test data (pressures and temperatures) collected over time. How do I import the excel file into my Matlab Workspace without having the time values converted into decimal format? I did try to use "datestr" to make the conversion, but it converted it into text format, which couldn't be plotted.