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Puzzler: Data exploration 16

Posted by Doug Hull,

This is a puzzler without explanation. Brett got it in about five minutes, some of the other folks wandering near my office got it in just under 20.

The data to explore.

Remember to use the <pre><code> and </code></pre> tags around your code in the comments.

First solution in my mailbox as instructed was exactly an hour later. Have fun playing with it still. Congrats to Arthur for the win!

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christian replied on : 8 of 16

RE: From post 3

ooops, the message say “keep going …”. mmm, then 15 minutes + (time to solve this message, still i can’t see)


Dom replied on : 13 of 16

I am new to Matlab and I cannot figure it out. Can someone please tell me or give me a hint? :-)

karnisz replied on : 14 of 16

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