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Advanced MATLAB: Capture mouse movement 35

This week we will take a look at how you can capture the mouse movement through callbacks. As the mouse moves, we will update the xdata of a line so that you are moving the line with the mouse. if… read more >>

Accessing data from one widget to another in GUIDE 4

Last time, I showed how to add the newly documented UITABLE to a GUI. [click here] There were a few questions [click here] about how to access the data in the UITABLE from the callback of another… read more >>

MATLAB Basics: Adding a table to a GUI 27

MATLAB GUI developers often want to have a mini-spreadsheet in their GUI. This can be done with a new widget added to the set of controls available in GUIDE. Now with UITABLE you can add that… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: Timer objects 44

Sometimes you want something to update in MATLAB on a regular schedule. Timer objects can do that for you. We first introduced this for test and measurement applications, but it has since been moved… read more >>

MATLAB Basics: Using dbstop if error 3

When MATLAB throws an error, if you are in a function, you will end up at the base workspace and lose access to the variables as they were in the function when the error was thrown. This makes it… read more >>

MATLAB Basics: Array of structures vs Structures of arrays 4

This short video covers the difference between a “structure of arrays” and an “array of structures”. if (typeof(playerLoaded) === ‘undefined’) {var playerLoaded =… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: Handles and other inputs to GUIDE callbacks 22

There are three inputs to every automatically generated callback from GUIDE: function edit1_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) A common question that I am asked is “What is the handles… read more >>

Widgetpalooza: 12 widgets coded up in a GUI 16

This short video starts with two minutes of trying every widget on the example GUI. Then there is five and a half minutes of showing the callbacks on the widgets. Push button Push button with a… read more >>

Doug’s Easter Egg, limited time only 9

It took me a lot of work, but I managed to sneak an easter egg into MATLAB 2008a. It helps to know people who approve the final build that owe you a favor (we are even now, William!) No one has… read more >>

Puzzler: Coin game 12

This is a simplified version of the first problem I ever attempted to solve in MATLAB. For my original problem, I was trying to figure out the probability of being on any square in the board game… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 43