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Cool feature: Run configurations 3

Posted by Doug Hull,

This cool feature will be useful to many MATLAB users that write functions and want an easy way to test them in multiple configurations.

I like to hit F5 to save and run a script, but in the past if you had a function, you could not do this since you usually need to give inputs to a function. Run configurations allow you to run a little script to feed the function inputs. Want to test your new function with a few small data sets easily? Normally you might make a script to do that, and then have to write a new one for when you want to test against the full data set. With run configurations you can easily change between the two and run with a click of F5.

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Ken Orr replied on : 1 of 3
Great video Doug! You can check out the debut blog entry for this feature here: -Ken
Paul replied on : 2 of 3
Dear Doug I have always written script files to drive my functions if I want to test them. I could then easily copy both these functions and script files from one PC to another and continue working on the functions. When using the "Run Configurations" method, I would like to know where this configuration file is stored so that I can copy it together with my function files from one PC to another. Regards Paul
Ken Orr replied on : 3 of 3
Hi Paul, Your absolutely right! Configurations should be more visible than they are now. In fact, we're actively working on a solution to this, which would deliver the visibility and transportability you desire. I can't promise when it will be released, but I can tell you it is my main focus right now! -Ken