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User made videos

I wanted to thank everyone for posting their videos as requested in my prior post [click here]. Here are some of my favorite entries. I will be in touch with the authors to send them some fabulous… read more >>

Post your MATLAB Videos 3

It is no secret that I like teaching MATLAB through videos. I use Camtasia to make and edit my videos, I am very happy using it. If you want to make MATLAB videos too, you can use Jing, by the… read more >>

MATLAB Basics: Adding a table to a GUI 42

MATLAB GUI developers often want to have a mini-spreadsheet in their GUI. This can be done with a new widget added to the set of controls available in GUIDE. Now with UITABLE you can add that… read more >>

Doug’s Easter Egg, limited time only 7

It took me a lot of work, but I managed to sneak an easter egg into MATLAB 2008a. It helps to know people who approve the final build that owe you a favor (we are even now, William!) No one has… read more >>

Cool Feature: Video processing demos 7

Thank you to everyone that answered the survey from my last post. I will be processing the results and reporting in my next post.
Changes are already being planned based on the results.
This three…

Cool feature: Run configurations 3

This cool feature will be useful to many MATLAB users that write functions and want an easy way to test them in multiple configurations.
I like to hit F5 to save and run a script, but in the past if… read more >>

More mini videos: Handle graphics and Shortcuts 14

People have really enjoyed the videos that I have been posting here, so I have made a few more. I am trying to figure out if this is a good way of learning MATLAB. I would also like to know how to… read more >>

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