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User made videos

Posted by Doug Hull,

I wanted to thank everyone for posting their videos as requested in my prior post [click here]. Here are some of my favorite entries. I will be in touch with the authors to send them some fabulous prizes.
First up is a video from Carlos that is similar to the posts… read more >>

File Promo: Hexxagon

Posted by Doug Hull,

I normally tend to the more serious side when making Picks of the Week and shy away from the games that are made with MATLAB. However, this week I was compelled to choose a game. It is a great piece of code, as you will see in the… read more >>

MATLAB can “txt msg u :)” 3

Posted by Doug Hull,

People have used different methods over the years to have MATLAB alert them when MATLAB is done with a long set of calculations from playing a sound file, to sending an e-mail, or now sending a text to your cell phone.
This is a nice little mash-up that uses SENDMAIL to… read more >>

Masking typed passwords with asterisks 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

Sometimes really good files fly under my radar here at the File Exchange. Thankfully, my buddy Brett noticed this little gem. Here is what he had to say about it:
A customer recently mentioned that he wanted to provide username and password information to a function for reading and writing URLs… read more >>

Small multiples of plots made cleaner

Posted by Doug Hull,

Those of us that are followers of data visualization guru Edward Tufte often want to use small multiple that allow you to see thumbnails of related data all at once. In MATLAB, that will often cause ‘axis build-up’ where you have way too many axis showing. This pick by Gautam… read more >>

Content aware image resizing 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

One of the things I love about MATLAB is hearing about an interesting algorithm and being able to put it together quickly to understand how it works, if only to satiate my curiosity. What I really love is when someone on the File Exchange has already done the coding… read more >>

Animating data in MATLAB

Posted by Doug Hull,

This Pick is best seen to be appreciated, so watch this quick video showing the Animator in action on a double pendulum. Jiro made it so that you can speed up, slow down and move easily through an animation.
Get Animator here.