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Posted by Doug Hull,

It is no secret that I like teaching MATLAB through videos. I use Camtasia to make and edit my videos, I am very happy using it. If you want to make MATLAB videos too, you can use Jing, by the makers of Camtasia, that gives you enough functionality to make a great video (but does not allow for editing). It is a free product, so give it a try. Here is a quick example video that I made in about a minute once I installed the product.

Here is the deal. Take that little function, or trick that is worth sharing and record it. Post the video and send me a link The best video will get a super-fabulous MathWorks gift pack. Judging of the videos will be a highly scientific rating based entirely on which one I like best. Send the video by the morning of June 16th, and you could have your video hosted here next week!


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Julio replied on : 1 of 3

When downloading and installing Jing as indicated, what about backdoor program files that my antivirus pointed?

Doug replied on : 2 of 3


Jing is not a product of The MathWorks, so I don’t know what to say about it. I have some contacts within the company that makes Jing. I will bring your comment to their attention.


Daniel Foster replied on : 3 of 3

Hi Julio–

I work for the company that makes Jing, but not on one of the technical teams…so consider this a personal rather than an official response. :-)

This post on the Jing blog may be helpful:

Based on the comments there, it looks like updating your anti-virus definitions may cause the warning to go away. As the post states, “Jing doesn’t contain a trojan, or any other type of virus.”