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Sneak Peek At The Next Release!

Many people talk about the anticipation of the next iPhone, Kindle or some must-have techno gadget. I am looking forward to the next release of MATLAB. I downloaded the prerelease last week and now I am evaluating the new Simulink modeling features.

Currently licensed users can log in to their MathWorks account and see this:

MathWorks account page announcing the R2009b Prerelease.

The prerelease is a great opportunity to get a sneak peak at the new capabilities in MATLAB and Simulink. You can evaluate the new features and decide if it is time to pressure your team to upgrade when R2009b becomes available this fall.

If you have a base of existing models and code, this is a great chance to try it against the next release. If something doesn't work, contact technical support. This is an important mechanism to ensure compatibility, and your feedback is important.

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