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Live from the Energy Virtual Conference

It feels like a normal Thursday morning. I'm sitting in my office, sipping on my coffee and working on my computer. BUT there is something different... I am also sitting in a conference hall with 221 users listening to a live presentation about Wind Power Plant Modeling for Real-Time Simulation. I am attending the Energy Virtual Conference!

The Virtual Conference Hall at the MathWorks Energy Virtual Conference.

This was the first session I could attend, because I didn't get up at for the earlier sessions that started at 5 AM EDT!

Richard Gagnon from Hydro Quebec

Wind Power Plant Modeling for Real-Time Simulation

Richard Gagnon from Hydro Quebec described how they are using Simulink, Real Time Workshop, and Sim Power Systems to model wind power generation. They integrate their models with what a real-time system they have developed called HyperSim.

A slide showing how Real-Time Workshop, Simulink and Sim Power Systems is integrated with HyperSim.

They are also using field measurements for validation of the wind turbine models. Richard provided an overview of how they develop and integrate their models with a well-tested, well-verified process involving Model-Based Design.

Live Q&A

Following the presentation was a question and answer session with Richard. Some of the questions asked included:

  • How long did it take to develop the model?
  • Why did you use a discrete model instead of continuous?
  • Does the model include both the mechanical and the electrical components of the wind turbine?


Did you attend this session? Leave a comment here, or find me in the conference for a chat!

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