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Easily Accessing Block Parameters

How often you end up wondering what the value of a block parameter in Simulink is?

What is the value of this parameter?

In the past, I used to open the block dialog, copy the variable name, go the MATLAB prompt, paste the value and hit Enter to evaluate it.

Since R2015a, we made it easier...

If you right-click on a parameter in a block dialog, you now see two new options: Open and Explore.

Opening of Exploring a variable

Open Variable

If you select Open, for scalars and vectors, a simple dialog opens where you can view and edit the value of the parameter.

Open Variable

If If the parameter is an object, for example a Simulink.Parameter object, the standard properties dialog will open.

Open Simulink.Parameter

Explore Variable

If you need to do more advanced maneuvers or see and edit more complex variables, like a structure, try clicking Explore. This will launch the Model Explorer with the variable selected.

Explore Variable

Now it's your turn

Have you already included this new feature in your workflow? Let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment here.

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