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Spring 2009 MATLAB Contest: Data Visualization 1

The Spring MATLAB programming contest has just begun. This contest is different from contests in the past, so I recommend you start by reading the contest rules. This contest is less about algorithms and tweaking (although I'm sure that will happen), and more about visualizing an interesting data... read more >>

Challenge: Metronome and Cart Equations of Motion 6

I haven’t
seen much activity on the Metronome Synchronization Challenge, so I want to provide a peak at the basis
for my solution.  I took the approach of modeling a pendulum, and then linking
its dynamics to the dynamics of a cart.  The challenge is choosing the right
coordinate systems to assign to each...

Challenge: Metronome Synchronization 2

My good friend Doug, formerly of Pick of the Week fame, sent me an e-mail last week with the subject “Model this.”  The message contained nothing more than a link to a video.  Doug started a new video blog, and for this reason, I have decided to incorporate some video into this post.... read more >>