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How to Estimate the Frequency Response of a Simulink Model 25

A core theme in Model-Based Design is reusing your intellectual property for different tasks.  Analysis for the purpose of design is a critical benefit.  Today I introduce Erman Korkut to show how to estimate the frequency response of your Simulink model. Have you ever estimated frequency response of your Simulink models? Have you ever tried... read more >>

PID Control Made Easy 22

Today I introduce guest blogger Arkadiy Turevskiy to share some new features in R2009b: the PID Controller Blocks in Simulink and a new PID tuning method in Simulink Control Design.... read more >>

Robotic Arm Models and Repairing Hubble 14

As you may know, Space Shuttle Atlantis is about to
return this weekend from man’s last visit to the Hubble Telescope.  Those
astronauts took some major risks to repair our favorite and most famous scientific
instrument.  One of the tools they used during space walks is the robotic
manipulator from the Canadian Space Agency...

Models Inspired by Real Life 21

Often models are the predecessor to a real-life device; however, sometimes a device inspires the model. In the 1980s, there was a group known as the Leg Lab at CMU who researched running robots.  In 1986 the Leg Lab moved to MIT.  Some of their robots are now on display... read more >>